accountabilityCreating Accountability to Meet your Veteran Owned Business Goal Requirements

Doing business with VOBs has numerous benefits for corporations. They can enjoy exceptional levels of service, strong partnerships, and diverse supply chains. As more corporate buyers seek to increase their partnerships with VOBs, they need to establish mechanisms and benchmarks that will allow their companies to remain accountable to these initiatives.

Creating accountability to meet your veteran-owned business goal requirements involves the following steps.

Stay on Mission

Once your company develops a mission aimed at supporting VOBs, it should strictly adhere to these guidelines.  Your mission as it pertains to VOBs should, therefore, be clear, specific and detailed.


Participating in VOBRT and VDLC programs is one of the best ways of creating accountability towards your VOB goals. These programs provide extensive information on VOBs, including how to access them, networking and developing business relationships. For companies that are seeking to reach out to VOBs and to create accountability for their initiatives, these programs offer excellent opportunities and resources.

Provide Contracting Opportunities

Corporations should provide lists of contracting opportunities that target specific industries that VOBs operate in. This enables them to be objective and accountable in how contracts are being distributed, and they can apply a more targeted approach towards industries where VOBs are operating. Corporations should also support all levels of businesses where vetreprenuers are present; because the only way they can create accountability for their VOB goals is by reaching out and providing opportunities for such businesses.

Provide Advice

As a member of the corporate advisory board, you should provide professional and expert advice to your team on how to establish and maintain relationships with VOBs. This will equip your team with the skills that they need in order to follow the appropriate steps to achieve the VOB goal requirements that are outlined in your mission. A team that is properly equipped with the knowledge and skills to meet specific goals will be easily accountable for the results that are achieved.

Monitor and Share Results

In line with any other goals of your business, corporations have to monitor and share the results of their VOB initiatives in order to create accountability. They should establish solid benchmarks for measuring performance, obtaining feedback and comparing results.