Our veterans form an important part of the business environment in the country. Upon returning from duty, many veterans choose to start and operate businesses in the private sector. As part of an initiative to support these business ventures, the US government set up a program with the goal of having a minimum of 3% of its purchases being made from veteran-owned businesses.

veteran owned business

In line with this initiative, many corporations within the private sector are also seeking to achieve the same standard in order to provide opportunities in business to veterans. This article highlights some of the advantages of corporations seeking out veteran owned businesses (VOB), as well as examples of some companies that you probably didn’t know were veteran-owned.


Advantages of Conducting Business with VOBs

There are workshops that are held which connect corporations seeking VOBs, with veteran businesses that are at many different stages of development. You, therefore, have the option to choose between well established VOBs and developing ones that you can provide training and guidance within their field.

VOBs owners are hardworking and resilient characters, owing their professional training experiences.


Companies you didn’t know were Veteran Owned

There are several popular VOBs that have grown to become succesful and profitable.



Based in Washington, DC, MicroTech is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) that provides technology solutions to top contractors such as the federal government. In fact, MicroTech has collaborated with the federal government on over 100 projects.

Since its launch in 2004, MicroTech has grown to offer services to 2500 vendors and many technology products. The former servicemen and women who work at MicroTech offer unique capabilities and solid experience in their delivery of technology solutions.


Black Rifle Coffee Company

Black Rifle Coffee company deals with premium small batch roast coffee. It was started by an army Special Forces veteran who had a passion for premium tasting coffee. His experience serving in dangerous areas of Iraq and Afghanistan equipped him with a diverse outlook and the resilience to pursue opportunities in life that may present themselves.

Through the supplier diversity program, he has been able to supply his premium high quality seeds to large corporations.

In conclusion, engaging veteran owned businesses in your network of suppliers poses numerous benefits for your business. There is no better way to make your business run smoothly than to incorporate the expert, hardworking and professional services of VOBs.