Embark upon the endeavor of joining other veteran owned businesses (VOB) who have been successful in starting or expanding their existing business. As a military soldier, you have been part of one of the finest military organizations the world has ever known and your training, resolve, preparation and execution has trained you to be battlefield ready. The VOBRT Education program assist you in preparing your company for corporate and government contracting opportunities.

Here is how the VOBRT’s Education program may assist participants to be ready for business in the battlefield of business:

Build Business Based on Your Experience

Military experience is transferable to the business world. For example, if you had excellent military skills in operations, communications, technology, health care, construction or transportation, government and private sector business contract opportunities exist. Former Military skills has enabled veterans to develop successful business ventures.

Assist in Developing a Vision and a Plan

Visualize success when starting your own business. To accomplish this, create a business plan and recognize areas of expertise that should be outsourced. If accounting or payroll is not your strong point add a team member to your business that fills that need. Your plan is your road map to success. You are no different than the CEOs at Think Nike, FedEx and GoDaddy. Each had a vision, a plan and each is a former veteran that grew their business into a success.

Understanding Veteran Verification and Certification Processes

One of the major goals for a participating VOB is to achieve their veteran certification of the business. That is why VOBRT mentors work diligently to keep veterans focused on understanding the veteran certification process for either corporate, government contracting or both. This step-by-step approach will prepare the VOB owner on how to fully engage the corporate supply chain, as well as, doing business with local, state and government agencies. Winning contracts is the ultimate goal and VOBRT mentors are instrumental in assisting VOB’s to be fully hands on in all aspects of the business.

Understanding How to Get Access to Capital

Get your VOB off the launch pad by understanding business financing programs designed for veterans. The federal government SBA Microloan Program helps fund veteran businesses. The SBA’s programs include Veterans Advantage and Lift Funds, Cap Line, and 7(a) loans which incidentally is 90% of all SBA financing. There are also credit unions, specialty lenders and community banks which give preference to veterans.

Live interview with Champagne Bell, Supplier Diversity Manager at Boeing Defense and Security Sector as she provides insight on Boeing’s commitment to Veteran owned Businesses.

Expert Advice

Hands down, having expert business advice from our experienced veteran owned business and corporate members.