The Veteran Owned Business Round Table has several committees dedicated to helping Service Disabled Veteran Owned Businesses (SDVOSB) and Veteran Owned Businesses (VOSB) in the United States. The committees are:

The Education Committee is dedicated to empowering veterans and their families in the business world through education, training, and mentoring. They develop tailored educational programs, advocate for supportive policies, and create scholarship opportunities. The committee provides educational resources, access to experts, and hosts events and workshops to support veterans in starting and growing their businesses. Fundraising efforts are also undertaken to fund scholarships. The Education Committee plays a crucial role in helping veterans achieve their business goals by providing the necessary resources and opportunities for success.

The Business Development Committee of the VOBRT has a mission to enhance the growth, success, and competitiveness of the organization’s business ventures by implementing effective strategies, resources, and opportunities. The committee aims to develop and execute a comprehensive business development strategy, identify new business opportunities, establish partnerships, and implement best practices and innovative technologies. They also focus on mitigating risks, capitalizing on market trends, and maintaining competitiveness. The committee undertakes tasks such as market research, relationship building, negotiation, sales and marketing planning, and collaboration with other committees. Additionally, they prioritize sponsor and donor retention through various initiatives, including loyalty programs, regular communication, upselling and cross-selling strategies, and customized sponsorship packages. The committee’s efforts aim to increase revenue streams, market share, and profitability while ensuring the satisfaction and engagement of existing sponsors.

The Membership Committee of VOBRT is dedicated to providing information, support, and opportunities to both new and existing members. Their mission is to educate and mentor members, encourage participation in programs and diverse supplier events, and foster the success of Veteran Owned Businesses (VOBs). The committee consists of a chair, leader, and members who articulate the value of VOBRT within the VOB community, invite VOBs to become members, and assist in developing strategies to encourage VOB membership. They ensure that new members are listed as verified VOSBs or SDVOSBs through resources like the Small Business Administration’s Vendor Information Pages (VIP) Portal and third-party verifications. The committee also contributes to improving the onboarding process by suggesting additional steps and modifications to assist VOB members in achieving their goals, including education, mentoring, networking, and accessing corporate or government contracting opportunities. They actively motivate new members to participate in VOBRT committees, ensuring leadership positions are filled and sustaining the committee’s mission.

The Grants Committee of VOBRT is dedicated to securing grants that support the success of veteran-owned businesses. Their mission involves identifying funding opportunities and submitting compelling grant proposals to provide essential resources for veteran entrepreneurs. The committee consists of a chair, leader, and members who work together to research grants, develop proposals, create budgets and project plans, and monitor grant-funded projects to ensure goals are met. They establish relationships with grant makers and other supportive organizations. The committee collaborates with other VOBRT committees to identify areas where grant funding can benefit ongoing initiatives. Regular communication with stakeholders and participation in training and professional development activities are also key responsibilities. Meetings are held monthly, and reports are prepared for corporate advisory and chairman’s meetings held quarterly.

The Events Committee of the VOBRT plays a vital role in promoting the success of veteran-owned businesses. Their mission involves organizing a diverse range of events throughout the year to provide networking, learning, and growth opportunities for veteran entrepreneurs. The committee consists of a chair, leader, and members who are responsible for tasks such as budgeting, venue and vendor selection, marketing, event coordination, and fundraising. They organize events like the Scholarship Golf Outing, aimed at raising funds for scholarships benefiting the children and spouses of veterans pursuing higher education. In addition, the committee hosts educational seminars, networking events, and social gatherings to support veteran-owned businesses at various stages of their growth. The Events Committee’s dedication ensures that each event is well-planned and executed, creating valuable resources and opportunities for veteran entrepreneurs while supporting the broader veteran community.

The Employee Resource Group (ERG) Committee of the VOBRT is dedicated to supporting veterans in the corporate world. Their mission encompasses creating a supportive workplace environment where veterans can thrive. The committee focuses on education and training, advocacy, and community building. They provide information on benefits, career development, and offer training on various skills. Advocacy efforts include promoting policies for veteran hiring, retention, and workplace accommodations. Community building involves fostering connections among veterans within and across organizations, as well as partnerships with external veteran service organizations and business groups. The committee undertakes tasks such as career development, mentorship programs, training, advocacy, mental health and wellness support, and community-building activities. Their comprehensive approach aims to empower veterans to maximize their potential and find fulfillment in their corporate careers.

The Mentorship Committee of the VOBRT has a mission to empower and support veteran-owned businesses in corporate and government contracting through mentorship, resources, and networking opportunities. The committee aims to provide guidance to veterans in navigating the unique challenges and opportunities of the corporate and government contracting sectors. They connect veteran-owned businesses with valuable resources, facilitate networking opportunities, and raise awareness about the specific challenges veterans face in these industries. Creating a supportive community, tracking the growth and success of participating businesses, and advocating for policies that support veterans’ success are additional objectives. The committee handles tasks such as recruitment and selection of mentees and mentors, scheduling mentoring sessions, facilitating check-ins and evaluations, organizing training and networking opportunities, providing ongoing support, developing program materials, tracking progress, and fostering mentor and mentee engagement.

The Communications Committee of the VOBRT has a mission to establish and enhance effective communication within the Roundtable community and with the broader public. They aim to foster a clear understanding of the Roundtable’s goals, initiatives, and achievements among members and the community. Through various media and outreach strategies, the committee seeks to encourage participation, engagement, and collaboration. Their objectives include improving internal and external communication, increasing visibility and public awareness of the Roundtable and its commitment to supporting veteran-owned businesses, facilitating two-way communication for feedback and participation, and ensuring strategic alignment with other committees. The committee undertakes tasks such as drafting and distributing press releases, promoting events, developing comprehensive communication strategies, featuring member businesses, collecting feedback, planning crisis communication, and collaborating with other committees. The Communications Committee plays a crucial role in effectively communicating the Roundtable’s message, fostering engagement, and maintaining a strong reputation.

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