The Veteran Owned Business Round Table has several committees dedicated to helping Service Disabled Veteran Owned Businesses (SDVOSB) and Veteran Owned Businesses (VOSB) in the United States. The committees are:

Legislative Committee: The Legislative committee is responsible for regular visitation with state senators and congressmen with emphasis on those sympathetic or directly related to our interests, maintaining communications with those state offices positioned to protect and advance the interests of SDVOSB’s and VOSB’s, monitoring veteran business legislation in both houses of the legislature, keeping contact with the appointed Veterans Affairs officials within the various state governments and federal agencies.

Corporate Relations: Contact with major corporations participating in federal contracts requiring a sub-contract plan involving SDVOSB and VOSB sub-contractors. Establish relations with compliance officers at Fortune 500 companies and develop a routine to encourage and verify progress against goals regarding federal contracting requirements.

Membership: Develop a vehicle of communication with and from the owners of these businesses via a newsletter, surveys, seminars, workshops and other means by which to assist earnest state purchasing managers and major federal contractors in finding competent SDVOSB’s and VOSB’s to satisfy established goals.

Outreach: Establishing contact and communication with Veteran Service Organizations to build common interests and cooperate in the advancement of those interests. This will require a patient and humble approach to befriend those organizations whose scope and sphere of influence are potentially competing with our own. It is, however, another resource for identifying SDVOSB’s and VOSB’s to make them aware of our work on their behalf. It is possible that this activity may be folded into membership.

Programs: Identify those areas where SDVOSB’s and VOSB’s need assistance in succeeding for the purpose of designing and conducting workshops and online training with experienced Subject Matter Experts (SME). 

ERG Taskforce: Tracks state and federal incentives for hiring veterans and assists interested businesses in utilizing those benefits. Provides a forum for employers and Employee Resource Groups to discuss veteran employment ideas. Facilitates networking among state and federal employment specialists to meet and exchange information and ideas with prospective employers. Assists employers in making the necessary contacts in the appropriate state and federal agencies for assistance in finding veterans and connecting them with employment opportunities.

If you are interested in serving on a committee as a volunteer, please contact us at or sign up by submitting the your information below.