Who does the VOB Roundtable Serve?

The Roundtable  serves those who have served, including all honorably discharged   military veterans who own and operate their own businesses and those who support them.  Additionally our Roundtable serves corporations with outreach programs to contract with both Service Disabled and Veteran Owned Businesses.

Why do I want to join?

The VOB Roundtable offers legitimacy, coalition and access through a variety of    programs and events.  Working together with veteran business owners and corporations seeking to engage them the Roundtable presents solid opportunity to veteran business owners and  those who support them.

Do I have to be a business owner?

While the charter purpose of our organization is to serve veteran business owners  we offer categories of memberships for corporations and individuals who support them.

Where can I get more information?

Besides the information available here on our company website, you can also download our Member Brochure or Sponsor Package by clicking on the links on the bottom of the page.  You may also contact our Membership Chair by completing the online form on our Contact Us page or call us directly at (586) 722-1557.

What are some of the benefits of membership?

Access to business opportunities, education and networking with other VOB’s and Corporate Members are the principle values in membership.

Your business will also be listed in our Member Directory where corporate decision makers search on a daily basis to find Veteran Owned Businesses in various industries. If you decide to become a member, please make sure to complete all the fields in your business profile.

Can anyone use the “Veteran Business Directory” Mobile App

Yes. The “Veteran Business Directory” Mobile is available on the Google and Apple Play Stores and is available for all veteran and corporate members. this is why it is important that once you become a member, that you complete your profile in its entirety. You never know who may be looking to do business with you.


Can I advertise my business in the Veteran Business Directory?

Absolutely! Besides having a completed business listing for all of our other members to see, as part of your membership you are able to advertise your business by uploading a banner ad at a reduced rate. The VOBRT provides three different sizes to choose from and each is displayed on different location and page in our directory. For even more exposure, members may also submit a banner ad to be displayed in our Veteran Business Directory Mobile App.

If you would like to get information on banner advertising on the Veteran Business Directory, please click here.

How Do I Claim my Business Listing on the Veteran Business Directory?

Upon signing up for your membership with the VOBRT and you have forgotten to update your profile, more than likely our website administrators have created a user account and completed ONLY the minimum requirement of your business profile on your behalf. If so, your username and password were sent to you via email and can be easily recovered by clicking on the “Forgot your password?” link.

Once you recover you username and password you may proceed to the “Member Dashboard” and your business listing will be located on the left side bar. Click on your listing and begin the steps to complete your business listing.

If you are still having difficulty, feel free to click here to watch the Step by Step video tutorial on our YouTube.com Channel.