Corporate Membership with The Veteran Owned Business Roundtable

As our veterans transition from serving our great country while on active duty back into the private sector, many of them choose to start businesses as their next career. With the United State government committed to purchasing at least three percent from veteran-owned businesses, many large corporation began similar initiatives to provide business opportunities to veteran entrepreneurs.

The Veteran Owned Business Roundtable is the premier business organization for veteran business owners and for the companies seeking to do business with them. Becoming a corporate member unlocks a number of benefits as your organization pursues business relationships with veteran entrepreneurs.

By joining as corporate member, the following benefits are available:

Connect with Veteran Owned Businesses

The VOBRT provides multiple opportunities to connect veteran-owned businesses and corporate partners. Networking events, training sessions and signature programs offer access to veteran-owned businesses in industries that compliment your procurement needs.

Access to the Exclusive Vet Connect Database and Mobile Application

When your company has specific procurement needs and those needs could be filled by a veteran-owned business, our corporate members can access the Vet Connect database. Vet Connect is an exclusive database that contains inforvobrt_3-mobile-phonemation about each veteran-owned business that are members of the Roundtable. Name, address, NAICS codes, years of expertise and other helpful information is available. Searches can be done against a variety of queries to find a specific business or several businesses that are veteran-owned and provide the desired product or service.

The Vet Connect mobile application works on both Apple and Android phones, and is available for download from the iTunes store or Google Play.

Access to the database is restricted to corporate members only.

Exclusive Participation through Unique Events

Each year the VOBRT conducts multiple events designed to welcome new members, showcase existing members and facilitate connections between veteran entrepreneurs and our corporate partners. Corporate membership in the Roundtable gives you exposure to our veteran business owners and allows each group to get to know each other better and build mutually beneficial relationships.

Each event offers additional sponsorship opportunities that can increase your company’s visibility with this targeted, desirable audience.

Training and Mentoring Opportunities

Each veteran-owned business that joins the Roundtable is at a different stage of development and growth. Some are well-established, with leadership that brings years of experience to the company. Others are new ventures, with inexperienced leadership and still trying to find their market niche.

Membership in the Roundtable offers both, the veteran entrepreneur and our corporate partners, the infrastructure to offer and receive mentoring advice from those who have the experience and insight into different aspects of running a veteran-owned business, and doing business with large corporations.

As a corporate member, you would also have the opportunity to offer training sessions to our veteran entrepreneurs, providing valuable insight and information on a variety of topics relevant to veteran-owned businesses.

Corporate Member Information

Becoming a corporate member of the Veteran Owned Business Roundtable can provide many advantages for your organization, as well as help a number of veteran-owned businesses successfully growth their business to higher levels.

To continue the process of obtaining corporate membership in the Roundtable, please click here to contact us for more information.  We thank you for supporting our nation’s Veteran-owned businesses.

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