As he sought a definition of “business model,” Michael Lewis said, “All it really meant was how you planned to make money.” Cynical, yes; true, not necessarily. Organizations like VOBRT (Veteran Owned Business Roundtable) often base their business model and mission on how to help other people make money. Profit-oriented companies like yours can also help U.S. military veterans.

business model

It All Started with an Idea

Just like every business in our country, The VOBRT business model began with a concept: How to serve as a liaison between U.S. veterans and opportunities for business development. Connecting the two would take money, membership and the drive to level the playing field for our military men and women who were serving the country while their peers completed college and established careers and companies.


Our Business Model: 4 Core Values

  1. Advocate – VOBRT members are awarded corporate and government contracts. Advocacy is advanced through committees:
    • Corporate Relations – Contact major corporations participating in federal contracts
    • Legislative – Responsible for regular visitation and communication with state senators and congressmen; emphasizing and addressing issues directly related to VOB interests
    • Membership – Using SAM (System for Award Management) and other resources, develop communication with business owners to assist earnest state purchasing managers and major federal contractors in finding competent SDVO and VO businesses
    • Outreach – Communicate with VSOs and utilize resources that may be in competition with our interests, but will ultimately add value to membership
    • Programs – Identify areas where assistance is needed for VOB success
    • Taskforce – Track state/federal incentives for hiring veterans
  2. Connect – Technology-based efforts, including mobile directory access for real-time availability, enable veteran owned businesses and companies like yours to “make the connection.” Event sponsorship and education is another way you can serve those who served. We make it easier for VOB to “find” and “be found.”
  3. Introduce – Marketing opportunities are introduced to VOBs.
  4. Mentor – Guidance, knowledge, and experience can help VOB entrepreneurs succeed.


Veteran owned businesses need your support and encouragement. The VOBRT efforts are dedicated to all U.S. honorably discharged veterans, including minority and disabled vets. We ask other businesses to advocate for veterans and support our business model, as we seek supply chain options for our membership. With your support, we can continue to protect and advance the interests of our veteran owned businesses. Call 586-722-1557 or contact us for more information.