resourcesCongratulations, you have successfully developed your veteran owned business thanks to the carefully calibrated Veteran Owned Business Roundtable’s (VOBRT) business development training techniques modules, webinars, and one-on-one business expert sessions. Now you are prepared to compete in the state of Michigan business contracting arena. Here is some valuable veteran owned business (VOB) resources that will give these businesses the upper hand on securing those contracts.

Thanks Michigan opens the contracting door

The first step for supporting veteran owned business securement of contracts was laid by the State of Michigan’s Public Act 91 of 2005, which mandated three percent of the state’s contracts be awarded to Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business. That percentage was increased to five percent by PA 133 of 2008. The state and local units of government have set aside targeted goals for contracting with all VOBs.

Michigan Contract Connect

In fulfilling its goal to enhance access to veteran owned business resources Michigan’s Contract Connect accomplishes that task. Though the state’s DTMB-Purchasing Operations, Contract Connect VOBs can:

  • Find training materials and upcoming events to guide VOBs through the state contracting process.
  • Examine current contract portfolio DTMB-Purchasing Operations Contract List.
  • Obtain contact information for individual state agencies handling bids of $25,000 and lower.

Procurement Technical Assistance Centers (PTACs)

Michigan’s PTAC’s are certainly one key to providing veteran owned business resources. The state’s PTACs are a network of regional nonprofit groups that help Michigan businesses obtain federal, state and local government contracts. Each local PTAC trained contract specialist connects the bidder to the correct documentation and resources necessary to respond effectively to contract bids. They also:

  • Assist in the contract research process and coach VOBs through it
  • Help create quality bid proposal that is properly formatted and contains all necessary contract bid application and registration information
  • Oversee pre-award survey preparation and modification of contract when necessary
  • Host targeted training sessions to help local companies learn more about special government procurement areas.


Another very valuable organization that provides veteran owned business resources which enhances a VOBs access to securing state contracts is VetBizCentral. This nonprofit organization has a number of free support services which are targeted specifically for owners of VOBs. VetBizCentral services VOBs throughout Michigan as well as certain northern Ohio and Indiana areas.

For more additional assistance on veteran owned business resources call 586-722-1557 or contact VOBRT today.