marketing vs advertisingThe growth of your veteran owned business can be dramatically enhanced by implementing a marketing and advertising campaign. You have learned some very valuable business development techniques from your Veteran Owned Business Roundtable (VOBRT) seminars, and one-on-one mentoring sessions. Here are some valuable tips on how to understand why marketing and advertising differ in how you promote your veteran owned business to decision makers.

How marketing and advertising differ

One way to approach how marketing and advertising differ in the business world is to remember how you approached tackling a military objective on the battlefield. If the general order was to secure a location, you would follow and implement a tactical plan that laid out key objectives and goals. That would be your overall marketing plan. the tactical measures that you utilized in securing the location can be likened to what advertising is. Advertising is one of several tools in your veteran owned business development toolbox that is utilized to secure a decision maker’s attention and eventual contract for services or products.

Create Marketing Campaign

One of the key differences that a veteran business owner must do to insure the successful implementation of a marketing and advertising campaign is to understand that development of a marketing plan is the first step. Balance Business Magazine suggest that a step-by-step process analysis must be undertaken:

  • Create compelling sentence that describes your business
  • Use this to guide your business plan, marketing campaign goals, which also helps you to identify target clients who are interested in your services and products
  • Develop strategies and tactics which will insure successful implementation of marketing campaign, with one key component being advertising

Launch Advertising Campaign

Now focus on an advertising strategy to help you explain, teach and promote your veteran owned business products and services to decision maker via radio, television, social media, direct mail, email, magazines, newspapers and other online and event mediums. Advertising can easily be your largest expense in your marketing campaign so always utilize cost-effective measures to insure maximum success.

A successful advertising campaign should also include your own veteran business website and LinkedIn page for blog posts placement and advertisement. These are key vehicles for selling your service or product. Also use VOBRT and the membership network of mentors to seek veteran business marketing and advertising tips. For more information on marketing and advertising call 586-722-1557 or contact VOBRT today.