Veterans are quite familiar with the daunting challenges they have faced on the battlefield. Launching a business is another challenge that veterans are eager to face. As a mentor, you can become an excellent team leader in mentoring veterans to develop successful (VOB) veteran owned business. Each-one-teach-one is a mentoring mantra which has helped build a great nation of successful veteran businesses.

Become a Great Mentor










As the business mentor, you can inspire by utilizing patience, empathy and advise veteran owned firms on how to adapt between local, national and even international business demands. The following mentoring ideas can guide you in assisting veteran owned businesses:

Be a Flexible Mentor

A great mentor understands that each training contact is a necessary building block for the VOB. You are building a co-partnership relationship. You provide the expert direction and guide the mentee company on how to navigate through business systems, regulations, and contracting issues. Remain adaptable to changing business dynamics and provide strategies and advice based upon situational specific circumstances.

Accessibility is Key

Be accessible. A veteran owned business owner may feel it is an imposition to be contacting you regularly, so remind the mentee your door is always open. Demonstrate your expertise and knowledge, but avoid discussing your credentials and awards. Instead, be an open sounding board and show a high degree of sensitivity and empathy to their struggles.

Listening Builds Mentor Excellence

While you may be tempted to unintentionally steamroll past your veteran owned business owner in order to solve the problem, don’t. A great mentor listens intently and allows the mentee to discuss or share issues in question. As you listen, you can help by focusing, sharpening and even directing the questions toward business relevant concerns. This helps the men-tee to reflect on probable solutions and builds a more effective mentoring relationship.

Mentor by Network-Building

Build a great mentoring learning experience by demonstrating the importance of networking. When there is a limit to answers to some of the questions presented, show the mentee on how to tap the network of business associates who can help. A great mentor does not present roadblocks to success but opens up a new pathway by connecting with those business experts who can provide the best solutions.

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