Think of government contracts and resources as a vast pool of job opportunities that are just out of reach. Then there’s you and your company, reaching for those jobs, but not quite able to grasp them. What if a funnel channeled some of those prospects to you? That’s what the new 2017 VOBRT (Veteran Owned Business Round Table) leadership wants to be: The tool that routes your company to those job possibilities and directs the flow of government and corporate contracts to you.


VOBRT Leadership Team Technology-Driven

CEO of Rickman Enterprise Group (REG)Mr. Roderick Rickman, CEO of Rickman Enterprise Group (REG) was recently elected President of the VOBRT and was among the first to receive the newly designed Member Certificate. As a veteran-owned and Certified Minority Business Enterprise, Rickman has provided service to local, national and international companies. He brings that experience and the integrity that has made him successful to the 2017 VOBRT leadership team.

Running a successful nonprofit requires a team of committed and enthusiastic members and committee chairs who share the same vision; they are dedicated in ensuring members receive instant value in their membership.

The Motor City is fast becoming a “tech hub” for existing technology companies and startups, and the VOBRT understands that investing in newer technologies which automate processes is paramount. The technology edge is what you need for your company to run like a well-oiled machine!

Ensuring Instant Value in VOBRT Membership

This is where former 2nd Vice President of the VOBRT, Peter Vazquez and now the VOBRT’s Business Development Executive and his team at Brand Echo Media Solutions come in. They implemented automated processes. According to Mr. Vazquez, “Similar to any business or corporation, large or small, and regardless of the industry, Brand Echo’s mission is to ensure every customer finds instant value in the product or service a company offers.

“In the case of the VOBRT, its ‘products’ are the actual members in the organization that participate in our programs and services,” continued Vazquez. What goes around definitely comes around: The VOBRT ensures success for every member that joins by virtue of networking connections.

According to Vazquez, Brand Echo’s goal in providing marketing and business development services is to position the VOBRT as the “funnel,” where members that join expand their businesses and acquire corporate and government contracts as certified Veteran and Service Disabled Veteran Owned Businesses. They are connected with corporations and government agencies that wish to expand their supplier diversity initiatives to include veteran-owned businesses.

The VOBRT Difference

Nonprofit organizations are often created for the benefit of others. VOBRT was created for the benefit of its own members. That’s why our motto is “Serving those who have served.” The value of membership in the VOBRT is realized through:

  • Accountability
  • Educating
  • Mentoring
  • Networking

. . . All the skills you acquired during your military service. The process begins with our Corporate Advisory Board, Executive Board and Executive Committees. The value-added advantage begins with your membership.

Call 586-722-1557 or contact us for information about becoming part of a growing organization that rewards our servicepeople by leveling the business opportunities playing field. It’s a win-win because we need each other.