With 2016 behind us, it is time for fresh faces and new leaders in the Veteran Owned Business Round Table! The VOBRT is proud to announce that as of January 21, 2017 we have a whole new executive board. Here’s what it means for the veteran-owned businesses, corporations and government agencies who are members of our organization:

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New Experiences

If there is one word that will characterize our new executive board it is “experienced.” The candidates we have assembled have spent years working within the VOB community to develop connections and support other veterans. They have also proven themselves adept at running their own businesses and have achieved independent success working hand-in-hand with corporations and government agencies to form strong partnerships.

Dedication to the Cause

Our new leaders will continue to help push the VOBRT to new levels with their dedication to our mission statement. Our goal is to put VOB’s in contact with those who are making contract decisions, allowing more work to flow back to the hands of those who have already served. This means working with a variety of corporations and all levels of government to find business opportunities that benefit our members. We also put veteran owned businesses in connection with each other to form a strong network of service providers who are also willing to mentor one another, when possible to ensure no business is left behind.

Continued Community Growth

The VOBRT advocates for over 4,000,0000 veteran owned businesses. Going into 2017, we will continue to grow and become ever more active in our communities, with our programs, special events and networking opportunities. We will also continue to advocate and draw more attention to VOB’s so that other corporations will join in supporting the inclusion of veteran owned businesses within their supply chain.

We are confident that the new VOBRT leadership will continue to serve its members and the veteran community with solid leadership, sound advice and effectively formulate new ideas and strategies to assist our corporate members in meeting their goals of including VOB’s into their supply chain. We will look to their experience and dedication to see what future opportunities will arise, and we also look forward to welcoming new Veteran Owned Businesses and Corporate Members.



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