Key to the success of veteran owned businesses (VOB) is their determination to transfer their battlefield experience and success to the boardroom and beyond. VOBRT’s highly skilled team of mentors provide participants with the training needed to excel in business.  Each mentoring step is a training tool and building block that is carefully calibrated for maximum effectiveness.

Veteran Owned Businesses

Mentoring Building Blocks

An essential lesson that VOBRT mentors teach participants, is that successful veteran owned businesses do not occur overnight.  Training in successful business development techniques, tactics and understanding regulatory processes are taught and continuously reinforced at live events, webinars, online meetings and in one-on-one sessions by VOBRT mentors.  Each interaction is accessed and crucial pointers are provided when course correction is necessary.

Veteran Business Training Modules

Many veterans are not graduates of a business school or have taken business education or preparation classes before, during or after leaving the military. The VOBRT is keenly aware of that and has developed mentor partners who are experts in a variety of business areas and have experienced every scenario a veteran business might encounter.  Each instructor led training webinar in the VOBRT Education Program is conducted by successful subject-matter-experts (SME) to help steer the VOB participants towards success.

Understanding Veteran Certification Process

One of the major goals for a participating VOB is to achieve their veteran certification of the business.  That is why VOBRT mentors work diligently to keep veterans focused on understanding the veteran certification process for either corporate, government contracting or both.  This step-by-step approach will prepare the VOB owner on how to fully engage the corporate supply chain, as well as, doing business with local, state and government agencies.  Winning contracts is the ultimate goal and VOBRT mentors are instrumental in assisting VOB’s to be fully hands on in all aspects of the business.

Networking is Win-Win for the Mentor and the Mentoree

Networking is an important component to mentorship that benefit our VOB members, as well as, VOBRT mentors. Building relationships, cultivating business opportunities and the knowledge to acquire corporate and government contacts helps to create business success and future partnerships.  Corporate and government contracting opportunities are constantly available in a variety of areas and when VOBRT mentors assist VOB’s, they may also discover new ways to benefit their own business as well.

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