free resourcesYou have taken the first important step in your post-military career in joining the world of veteran owned businesses. Now you can use those finely developed skills you learned in the service and apply them in the business world. In order to reach that successful destination, you will need to develop marketing strategies that will give you the strategic advantage needed. Here are some excellent free resources that will allow you to achieve business success.

Social Media

Believe it or not but social media is probably one of the best and most effective and efficient marketing tools that can be uses in enhancing veteran owned businesses. Of course, there are a good number of social media venues that can be used, but select a social media outlet that fits your business. For instance, nearly all state and federal agencies have a Facebook, Twitter and in some cases Google+ page. In addition, public officials and well as business leaders also have social media pages. Here are some tips on how to use them.

  • Use your own business page on Twitter, Facebook and Google +. Friend between five to eight business pages on each of the social media outlets.
  • Study their pages and find creative ways to engage the potential customers or contract providers with helpful comments. Retweet their and your posts when applicable.
  • Engage and join the conversation. Your feedback builds an audience not only with your targeted social media contacts but with their social media followers.

Use business community organization media

Every community has a chamber of commerce as well as social organizations that are connected to business providers. The majority of them have print or online newsletters, and often offer veteran owned businesses free or heavily discounted advertisements in their publications. In addition, by volunteering on their business committees that are aligned with your own business, you can receive free word-of-mouth marketing that benefits your business growth.

Veteran Owned Business website

Another powerful free marketing resource that will continue to pay dividends is a business website. Potential government and business contractors typically want to see veteran owned businesses that show services and products. It is your online calling card. Add a blog to the website and make certain you regularly update the content.

Free Online Directories

Be sure to list your VOB with free online directories like Yelp, Yahoo, Goggle Places and others.

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