Many women in the military feel they have to prove they are “worthy” to serve; and the men just have to show up! If you served our country, you did prove a great deal; you are trustworthy, dependable, and have leadership qualities that transfer to business entrepreneurship in “the real world.”

Woman Owned Veteran Owned Business

Now more than ever, there are incentives for veterans who are business-owners; corporate and small-business government contracts are available in which a veteran-owned business has priority. And as a woman-owned, veteran owned business, you have additional funding, training, and networking resources because you also have a minority-owned business.


There are several training opportunities for veteran men and women; among them are:

One training program that specifically targets women-owned veteran owned businesses is Veteran Women, a three-step training for business growth/entrepreneurs. One program is offered for established companies and another for entrepreneurs.


Emotional and financial support are important when you’re about to start your own businesses. Women veteran owned businesses must utilize the value of networking to maximize leads and opportunities. These networking programs are available to all veterans:

Networking site that specifically target women-owned veteran owned businesses include Center for Women Veterans and  Women Vets Rock.

Membership Spotlight: Constance Blair

For more than 18 years, Constance Blair has owned and operated a minority business. She is a veteran, a member of VOBRT, and we think she sets the bar for women-owned veteran owned business! She is the founder, Chief Executive Officer and President of Technology Ventures Inc. (TVI).  In 2016, Blair was cited in the business-to-business magazine Corp! The article referenced a seminar at which she had spoken regarding the advantages of introducing a foreign-trade zone (FTZ) into small businesses’ supply chain. She noted that the majority of businesses companies like TVI are trying to attract “local economy businesses.

“When you start off in business, you look for the most efficient way to get your inventory,” says Blair. “But as you grow, the best way to increase your bottom line is to go directly to the source itself and cut out the middle man. Many people fear that would be a higher risk, but that’s not always true. Especially if they learn about a FTZ, they can buy the same product at a far better price with more control of their delivery schedule and type of inventory they can carry.”

VOBRT for Businesswomen Like You

The challenges facing veteran women are unique to them as minority business owners. Capitalizing on women-owned veteran business training and networking does more than shatter the glass ceiling. It gives you the tools to raise the ceiling and build it better!

The Veteran Owned Business Roundtable (VOBRT) membership offers you opportunities to learn, mentor, and compete for valuable government contracts. With corporate America eager to support veteran owned business and grateful communities supporting you, the time is right for women-owned veteran owned businesses to excel!