How Our Business Model Works For You

The Veteran Owned Business Roundtable (VOBRT) is the conduit which provides VOB’s the resources to grow and expand their business with the initiatives of government agencies and corporations that are dedicated to increasing the number of certified and mission-ready VOBs in their supply chain. Corporate Members are an important element in providing support and enabling VOBRT’s Committees to implement its business model and work to meet the organizations goals and objectives.

Members Help Members Build Success

Corporate Members work continuously to educate, train, and inspire VOB owners in order to enhance their access to internal supplier programs. This is accomplished through a variety of crucial business development practices and relationships initiated by corporate members which are tied to the business model guidelines. VOBRT executives coordinate and implement the business model guidelines by participating on the Corporate Advisory Board, Executive Board and Committees. The business model is successful for a VOB due to guidance at every strategic level and stage of implementation.

Members at every level support VOBRT’s mission by maximizing the 4 key pillars of VOBRT’s business model. These pillars are:

  1. Connecting members with other members
  2. Educating members on various topics to help them succeed
  3. Mentoring members and sharing past experience, success and pitfalls
  4. Advocate for members and promote contracting opportunities specifically for VOB’s

Implementation of the 4 pillars create an experienced VOB that is certified and successful in acquiring and maintaining contracts awarded from our Corporate Members and Agency Partners.


Mentorship & Education: Programs that Demonstrate Results

Effective results-driven programs are measured by the success of each program participant and is essential to our partnership with Corporate Members. By offering access to create these important skill-sets through VOBRT Mentoring Programs, veteran owned businesses will be better prepared to be matched with government and corporate contractors.

As a Corporate Member of the VOBRT, you are on the front-line in creating business skills, certification workshops and webinar training criteria that build a successful foundation for VOB success. The relationships established between Corporate Members, Subject Matter Experts and VOB’s throughout each program creates meaningful and measurable results that exceed the minimal requirements set forth in supply chain and government contracting opportunities.

Tricia Keith, EVP, Chief of Staff & Corporate Secretary at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan at the BCBSM 2012 Supplier Diversity Achievement Awards
Creative Commons BCBSM 2012 Supplier Diversity Achievement Awards” by A Healthier Michigan is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Building Connections with VetConnect Program

George Barnes and VOB Members at
“Doing Business with the City of Detroit”
information session

Corporations are looking to increase contracts with successful VOB’s. Today, more than ever, there is a true need for innovative VOB products and services. Thanks to Corporate Members of the VOBRT, a VOB Member’s connectivity with the business community is enhanced. This is accomplished through several key events, including, the VOBRT Annual Golf Outings, Vet Expos and Matchmaker Events.

These networking opportunities create results that not only matter to Veteran Owned Businesses, but also to our Corporate Members and Agency Partners as we introduce certified and experienced VOB’s into their supply chain via the VOBRT’s VetConnect Program.

VOBRT Accountability

Accountability at every level is a bottom line requirement for the VOBRT and for all VOB Members. Projects awarded, proposals submitted and confirmed connections are all monitored. In addition, the VOBRT has testimonials to account for successful members.

Feel free to review the Corporate Membership page and determine how the VOBRT is able to be the best partner to assist in your continuous efforts of adding qualified Veteran Owned Businesses into your corporate supply chain.  Contact the VOBRT for more information or schedule a meeting with a VOBRT Business Development Executive.