In addition to the benefits for veteran-owned businesses, the SBA’s new Veteran Business Certification also offers significant benefits for large corporations. Large corporations can benefit from using the SBA’s certification when determining which veteran certification to use for their supplier diversity programs.

One of the main benefits for large corporations is the credibility and reliability of the SBA’s certification. The SBA is a well-respected government agency, and its certification process is rigorous and transparent. This ensures that the certification accurately reflects the veteran ownership and control of a business, providing greater confidence for large corporations when selecting suppliers.

Another benefit is the recognition of the SBA’s certification by government agencies and other corporations. This recognition ensures that the certification has a high level of acceptability and reduces the risk of duplication or confusion when evaluating suppliers.

Large corporations can also benefit from the SBA’s comprehensive support services for veteran-owned businesses. The SBA provides counseling, training, and financial assistance to help veteran-owned businesses succeed. This support helps ensure that veteran-owned businesses are equipped to meet the needs of large corporations and perform at a high level, providing a mutually beneficial relationship.

The cost-effectiveness of the SBA’s certification is also a significant advantage for large corporations. The cost of certification is FREE and helps ensure that the program is accessible to a large number of veteran-owned businesses, increasing the pool of qualified suppliers for large corporations to choose from.

In conclusion, the SBA’s new Veteran Business Certification offers numerous benefits for large corporations when determining which veteran certification to use for their supplier diversity programs. Its credibility, recognition, comprehensive support services, and cost-effectiveness make it an excellent choice for large corporations looking to promote diversity and support veteran-owned businesses.