Being a member of the Veteran Owned Business Roundtable has many benefits and advantages. Networking opportunities, training courses, legislative advocacy, the list is long. But, one of the most important benefits is the opportunity to compete for, and secure business contracts with global organizations that are partners and supporters of the organization. One of our members, Tony Tarkowski, expressed the opportunity he received with Ford Motor Company as a result of his membership in the VOBRT. Read his testimony to get a better understanding of how being a member of the Roundtable can help your business as well.

Thank You Ford Motor Company and the Veteran Business Owners Roundtable

I am the owner of Sygnetics, incorporated a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business. Sygnetics is a Human Resource Management Company placing professional personnel primarily in the I.T. and Engineering area. I am certified by the Center for Veteran Enterprise (CVE). I hold the position of Secretary of the Veteran Business Owners Roundtable. I have made a commitment to this organization and feel that has assisted me in building my commercial business.

My corporation has been a member of the roundtable for about five years and I have participated in numerous events that have been arranged with Ford Motor Company, the State of Michigan, Consumers Power and Kellogg Corporation and many others. While attending these events I have been introduced to corporations that are seeking veteran owned businesses to provide all types of services.

I have found that by attending these events and participating in every event it has provided me the chance to interact with Diversity Managers from every business attending these events.

A little over a year ago I was contacted by Ford Motor Company after an event held at their facility and asked to enter my corporate information on their website for potential suppliers. Within a month I was contacted by MSXi and asked to become a tier one supplier of Engineers and several other types of personnel. Since that time I have had success with placing individuals and have been told I have done better than some of the other larger suppliers with my small firm. I have just requested and been added as a supplier of I.T. personnel.

Ford Motor Company has been a very strong supporter of veteran owned businesses and our Veteran Owned Business Roundtable. With all the corporations that are stepping up it leaves a very wide open field for veteran owned business to succeed. What everyone has to understand is that my success has happened by interaction with companies and by my participation in all the events.

I find that my time spent with the Veteran Business Owners Roundtable has assisted me in being introduced to many corporations looking to do business with veteran owned businesses. After meeting these individuals at various events it is up to me to do what is necessary to win business.

I want to thank Ford Motor Company for supporting the Veteran Business Owners Roundtable and my corporation by opening the door for business. I also want to thank the Veteran Business Owners Roundtable for making it possible.

— Tony Tarkowski