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Monthly Archives: February 2017

How to Become a Great Mentor

Veterans are quite familiar with the daunting challenges they have faced on the battlefield. Launching a business is another challenge that veterans are eager to face. As a mentor, you can become an excellent team leader in mentoring veterans to develop successful (VOB) veteran owned business. Each-one-teach-one is a mentoring mantra which has helped build a great nation of successful veteran businesses.

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Veteran Owned Businesses: Seeking Government Contracts

Government contracts can be “…very lucrative – or you wouldn’t see so many companies going after them,” says Forbes. When a government contract is given (You’ll hear the word “awarded” often, regarding these government business opportunities.) to private companies that can deliver goods and/or perform services under that contract.

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Discover How VOB’s are Supported by Corporate America

It’s difficult enough for a company to join the ranks of corporate America. Small business owners, particularly veteran owned businesses (VOBs) face overwhelming challenges. Fortunately, caring corporations have created Small Business Administration (SBA)-like programs to help veterans. Here are some of the ways corporations are helping veterans grow their businesses.

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